A few of the questions we get asked frequently. If you don't see what you're wondering about, please contact us!


Q:  Is your coffee in any local stores?

A:  You can pick up some espresso at Petals on Main Bistro and Flowers in Beaverlodge. We've developed an exclusive blend just for them, so you can stop in to try it out or pick up a bag for home.


Q: How about your "regular" (not espresso) coffees? Any place to pick them up?

A:Not at this time. We want to ensure you get a freshly-roasted bag of coffee, and direct-to-you is the best way to guarantee that happens.


Q: I live in your area, can I just pick up coffee?

A: Definitely! Check out our Shipping page for Pick Up details.


Q:  Will you be expanding your selection of coffees?

A:  Yes, and especially as demand grows. At the present time, as a small-batch roaster, we prefer to keep inventory smaller and fresher.