About Us - Rustic Woods Roasters

Rustic Woods first came into being in 1997 as the name of our Boer goat farm. For the next 8 years, we bred, raised, and sold quality purebred breeding stock. We also attended goat shows, with the highlight of our time in the industry coming in 2001 with one of our goats being named National Grand Champion Purebred Doe. As life and work got busier, we set aside the time-consuming show circuit, and gradually wound the business down until we had just a dozen of our favourite girls left, living the luxurious life of cordless weed-whackers unhindered by fences and pens.

Our years as "goat gals" were among our best, and how perfect it is that goats played a part in the discovery of coffee!

To honour those years, and all those hooved friends, we decided to retain the Rustic Woods name for our coffee business.




Rustic Woods is a small-batch roaster, located half-way between Grande Prairie AB and Dawson Creek BC. We specialize in single-origin coffees and signature blends, and our mission is to let you taste how delicious the world truly is.